Tuula Teräväinen

The Politics of Energy Technologies

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Debating climate change, energy policy and techonlogy in Finland, The United Kingdom and France.


ISBN: 978-952-264-143-4

Kirjoittaja: Tuula Teräväinen

Julkaisuajankohta: 02 / 2012

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The global concern over climate change has had unprecedented broad implications across policy sectors and levels of politics. It has also emphasised the role of technology in climate and energy policies.
With a focus on exploring how the dimension of political has been constituted in and through national policy discussions, this study analyses the ways in which various actors in Finland, the UK, and France have debated climate change, energy policy, and technology, and what kinds of implications this has had in terms of established eco-political, normative, and politicoinstitutional understandings.
The study highlights the mutually constitutive interplay between polity and politics and develops theoretical and methodological tools that allow combining structural and discursive-symbolic dimensions of politics in analyses of public policies.

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Teräväinen , Tuula

Tuula Teräväinen is researcher at the Department of Social Research/Sociology at the University of Helsinki. Her research focuses on political promises of new technologies as well as sociological analyses of science, technology, and environmental policies at the national, European, and global levels. Teräväinen has authored and co-authored several articles in reputable international journals and books in the fields of science and technology studies, environmental studies, and innovation policy research.


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